Lower Back Pain-Massage Therapy

When we are in constant pain, life becomes tough and it is very difficult to lead a normal life.  Massage therapy provides the necessary solution to these problems. Read on to know the facts and how they can help you.

What is Massage Therapy?

In the human body when something is wrong with the muscles, tendons, tissue, and ligaments, extreme pain can be experienced.  Massage therapy is done by manually manipulating the body tissues which are soft. This will gradually reduce and eliminate pain. Thus massage Therapy helps in healthy living.

The person who provides this type of therapy is called a Chiropractor. They have full knowledge of the pressure points etc of the body.  

In massage Therapy, the therapist gently presses and rubs the painful area.  Depending on the part which is painful, the technique differs at times a circular movement can be more effective or at other times using forearms for the massage could be more effective.

Sometimes the source of pain may be in a different area. The therapist can clearly identify this.  There are various types of massage like deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, etc.

The patient who undergoes this has to wear loose-fitting cloth and lie on a table. The therapist will apply lotion or oil on the skin of the patient and this will eliminate friction and help in achieving an effective lasting result.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are numerous benefits of massage therapy as follows:

  1. This therapy can reduce mental stress and anxiety.  
  2. When chronic pain is related to increased mental tension and blood pressure, massage therapy helps in lowering blood pressure. This will automatically bring the pain down.
  3. Sometimes muscles may have knots due to strain and can be painful.  It is challenging to identify this and treat it correctly. A massage therapist can quickly identify such complicated issues. They can locate the reason for pain even if the region of pain differs from the area which is the starting point of pain.
  4. It improves blood circulation. The damaged muscles, ligaments, etc. block the free flow of blood. This will affect the overall health of a person. Massage therapy helps, in general, to improve the entire health of a person by promoting good blood flow.  Thus the body’s immune system and healing capacity are strengthened.
  5. Sometimes pain forces a person to take up poor posture. This aggravates the pain further.  Massage therapy not only helps in healing the pain. What went wrong in the muscles and ligaments get corrected automatically because of this therapy.
  6. This therapy helps in improving the lymph system of the body. Hence the body gets better protection against toxins.
  7. It is highly suitable for women undergoing labor pain. This will reduce the duration of the pain and will help the process. It does not have any side effect, and it is very safe.
  8. When there are a lot of health complications, the dependence on medicines can be reduced by taking this therapy.  
  9. It is of great help to athletes to get fast recovery from pain and strain.