Chinese Foot Massage, The Insight

In a study published in the Harvard Medical Journal, it was stated that massaging one’s feet was very beneficial for the entire body as it improved blood circulation, relieving pain, and tension in the muscles and stimulated them. Your feet bear the burden of your entire weight the whole day, and it is only fair to say that they are treated with care and kindness.  

Foot massage especially the ones with their origin in the orient are found to be valuable for overall wellbeing. A trained practitioner can identify other health problems while massaging the feet as they believe pressure points for all organs in the body are found in the feet and when they are stimulated your body will function at its optimum. It is, therefore, no surprise that Chinese foot reflexology centers are on the rise as people are slowly acknowledging this immense wisdom from the East.

The various techniques of Chinese foot massage

According to Chinese philosophy, energy pathways can be blocked and as a result, may cause disease and pain. However, the key to good health is in the feet because different points on the foot correspond to various organs in the body; by inspecting the feet and checking their sensitivity, a practitioner gets an insight into your health condition. By massaging the corresponding pressure points on the foot, these blockages are removed thereby improving blood circulation and immune system. Therefore, to balance the qi or the energy, they rely on kneading, punching, pushing, pinching, pressing and stretching. Building entirely on fingertips the masseuse identifies the problem areas and works on them to get the energy flowing smoothly again.

Foot massage includes massaging the ankles and legs along with the feet.

Benefits of Chinese foot massage

Other than just feeling on the top of the world when you feel your whole body relaxing, and the muscles loosening and the stress is flying out of the window, foot massage has several other actual physical benefits that people are might not aware of.

  1. Controls brain health: Foot reflexologists believe that by stimulating the pressure points related to the brain, namely the tip of the big toe, vital energy will flow to the brain and will improve the brain health. Massage also controls anxiety and depression.
  2. Diminishes pain associated with cancer: Cancer can be extremely painful and hard to bear. However, foot reflexology is beneficial in reducing this pain.
  3. Treats migraines and headaches: Foot massage when done regularly have been found to reduce the incidence of headaches and migraines. So, what happens is that the massage soothes the inflamed nerves thereby producing relief.
  4. Beneficial in controlling hypertension: Foot massage improves overall blood circulation and relieves the pressure in the blood vessels thus helping in reducing blood pressure. The fact that the massage calms the mind and relieves stress also contributes to a reduction in blood pressure.
  5. Relieves PMS symptoms: Scores of women suffer from cramps, mood swings and depression due to the hormonal changes during their menstrual cycle but a 10-minute foot massage during those days will give them pain relief.