This is My Face

Is it possible to go back in time? Well, actually no! But if you ask whether you can bring back your youthful face once again, then the answer is yes. Through facelift, one can bring back the look that we all crave for. So, what exactly is a facelift? It is a procedure in which excess fat in the body is removed. By removing the fat your facial muscles tighten thereby giving a smooth finish to the skin. The sagging or drooping of the skin is reduced which results in your face looking younger and brighter. 

  • What happens in a facelift?  – incisions are made behind the ears in order to conceal the scars post-surgery. The skin is then raised to tighten the facial muscle. During the surgery excess fat accumulated is also removed giving your face a youthful contour. Incisions may also be made near the chin to remove the fatty tissues in your face. Then sutures are made to cover the incisions. 
  • As far as facelifts are concerned, it is always considered that only the affluent can afford this. But Mini-facelift is also possible for those who would like to go with lesser recovery time. The disadvantage here is, though it can be called a short scar facelift, it does not give you the full benefit of a complete facelift. In this process, only two incisions are made behind the ear and the mid-face area is lifted, unlike the full facelift which lifts the complete facial region.  It does focus on removing or uplifting neck areas or the brow areas. People who are in their mid-40s can choose the mini facelift.
  • What happens before and after the surgery?  Your face gets a complete transformation after the surgery. You look younger than ever before. But, what you have to keep in mind is that every process takes its time. Many people who have undergone the surgery complain about the swelling and pain which takes time to disappear. It will take a couple of weeks for the swelling to reduce and for the skin to heal. A tingling sensation and irritation may also occur as the nerves take some time to reconnect and adapt themselves from the old position. During the surgery, the facial muscles are raised and pulled upwards to give you the transformed appearance. 
  • As far as scarring is concerned, the incisions are done behind the ears. You may need to stay at home for a few weeks before you return to work. But, the scars are generally not visible to a casual observer even as the healing takes place. It might take around two years to form a flattened skin on the scarred area. Following the surgeon’s advice will help in the healing process in the long term. Keep the area moisturized and protect it from direct sunlight. 
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Some interesting facts about facelifts – otherwise called as rhytidectomy, facelift means wrinkle (rhytid) removal (-ectomy). But it is something more than what it literally means. It does only remove wrinkles. It completely rejuvenates the entire cheek, mid-face, jawline, and neck areas. The facelift surgery has developed in a great way and many modern additions in the procedure allow a healthy and long-lasting transformation of your face. In recent years, the numbers of incisions that are made have reduced considerably making it a less painful process with a quicker rate of healing for people who undergo the surgery. For almost decades, facelifts treated only the sagging skin and lifting the skin to a higher position. But these days, it completely reforms the underlying muscle and facial tissues giving your face a completely fresh look. A recent survey shows that people above the age of 65 are more interested in this procedure. It is a fact that even after surgery it does completely bring down the aging factor. Facelifts are increasing in number every day and are more affordable they were in the beginning. 

Before considering a facelift choose a qualified and experienced surgeon as it can make a great difference. The confidence level of the person undergoing the surgery also matters a lot in the healing process and the transformation process. For help in finding a qualified and experienced surgeon, refer to the medical tourism platform, MyMediTravel.