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Lerra Mulatu Dea, Teka Teketel Basha

Leadership challenges facing school principals in implementation of general quality education improvement program: the case of Wolaita Zone Town Administration

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 059 - 069


Sánchez Soto Juan Manuel, Herrera -Reyes Lucila, Reyes Martinez Magally, Martín Soberanes Anabelem, Celis Guzmán Mónica

The Information and Communication Technology education in the knowledge society and information

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 055 - 058


Feras Mohammmed Al-Madani, Fouad Mahmoud Rawash

The extent to which the principles of human rights are contained in secondary schools’ Arabic language textbooks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: emphasis on how they are taught and internalized by the students

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 044 - 054


Abudu, Kamal A. & Gbadamosi, Muideen R.

Relationship between teacher’s attitude and student’s academic achievemnt in senior secondary school chemistry. A case study of Ijebu-Ode and Odogbolu Local Government Area of Ogun state

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 035 - 043


Pazhakh, A, Halabisaz, B, Shakibafar, M

Hedges in Persian/English Master’s theses: a contrastive study

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 030 - 034


Makaruke Kumbirai

The effects of environment on psychometric performance in Masvingo district of Masvingo

province, Zimbabwe

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 023 - 029


Amogne Asfaw Eshetu

Does women education matters in family planning? empirical evidences from Ethiopia

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 010 - 022


Dr. Owolabi Olabode Thomas, Adedayo, Julius Olugbenga

Assessing the awareness and utilization levels of collaborative teaching by science teachers in Nigerian secondary schools: a case study of Ekiti state

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 05 - 09


Dr. Joseph B. Besong, Dr. (Mrs) M. I. Edu, Dr. Fan. A. Fan

Revisiting the meaning of leadership

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 01 - 04


Table of Content For 2013


Original Research Article

Dr. F.A. Fan, Dr. J.B. Besong, Dr. M.I. Edu

A comparative study of the administrative efficiency of principals in public and private secondary schools in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 133 - 141


Fan Akpan Fan, Sunday U. Usoro, Emmanuel Umoetok

The 1988 Nigerian population policy; implications for the present millennium

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 127 - 132


Original Research Articles

Medugu J.D. and Oloyede O. I.

Effects of digital oscilloscope instruction on the academic achievement of electronics students in technical colleges in North East, Nigeria

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 121 - 126


Uzuegbu C.P., Mbadiwe H. C., Anulobi J.C.

Availability and utilisation of instructional materials in teaching and learning of library education in tertiary institutions in Abia state

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 111 - 120


Satish Kumar Kalhotra

A Study on the status of community participation in elementary schools of Jammu

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 106 - 110



Dernival Venâncio Ramos, Luiza Helena de Oliveira Silva

Teaching as a career reported in undergraduate students autobiographical narratives: Interdisciplinary interaction/dialogs between oral story and discursive semiotics

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 097 - 105


Original Research Articles

Fauziah Sulaiman

The effectiveness of PBL online on pre-service science teachers’ creativity and critical thinking: a case study at Universiti Malaysia Sabah

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 086 - 096


Meihua Liu

An Investigation of Chinese undergraduates’ self-esteem: changes and differences

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 078 - 085


Islam H. Abu Sharbain, Kok-Eng Tan

Gender differences in primary English language teachers’ attitudes towards the teaching profession

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 071 - 077


Fuxia Li, Lidong Wang

Humanism’s absence in public basic courses’ education and its countermeasure - taking college English, college mathematics as example

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 062 - 070


Narayan Prasad Kafle

Classroom management: a concern for educational leaders

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 057 - 061


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