Table of Content For 2013


Gelar Dwirahayu, Wahyudin, Didi Suryadi, Bana G. Kartasasmita

The effect of explorative learning strategy‘toward enhancement of students’ conceptual

understanding on geometry

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 049 - 056


Muhammad Hashim
A case study of annual and semester systems of examination on Government College of
Management Sciences, Peshawar, Pakistan
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 034 - 048


D. O. Igwue and B. D. Ashami
Learning difficulties among children: A challenge in the implementation of the Universal Basic
Education programme in Nigeria
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 026 - 033


Christian Akani
Globalization and the myth of Human Rights in Africa
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 018 - 025


Mohammad Abdu Ahmad Al-Mekhlafi, Ismiel Masoud Naji
Supervisors' practices in improving student teachers' grammar teaching strategies during
practicum: a comparison of student teachers' and supervisors' views
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 006 - 017

Adekeye Olujide A. (Ph.D.), Adeusi Sussan O, Mbanisi Judith C.

Use of concrete detachable learning tools in testing children’s animal discriminatory ability

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 001 - 005


Table of Content For 2012


Nkoma Elliott, Zirima H and Chimunhu J.

Girls on the frontline: Gender differences in mathematics achievement in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 85 - 92


Bernadette M. Gavino-Gumba, Ph.D

Decision-making and division of labour in selected rural households of a poor province in the Philippines

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 93 - 97


S. Vurayai

Poverty penalty in ordinary level mathematics in rural Zimbabwe

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 79 - 84



Shabir Ahmad Bhat

Self concept and academic achievement of Kashmiri and Pakthooni students

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 74 - 78


Original Research Article

Fatemeh Ahmadi Zeleti

Enhancement of citizen’s social life sustainability by ICT education and accessibility generating

and distributing E-Government content

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 67 - 73



Victoria Boniface Makulilo

The proliferation of private universities in Tanzania: Quality compromised?

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 51 - 66


Original Research Articles

Thelma Dhlomo

School readiness gaps: Experiences of children beginning grade 1 at an urban high density primary school

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 45 - 50


Herbert and Takupiwa

The cost of Immobility: Brain drain and educational outcomes of children in Zimbabwe

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 39 - 44



Ethelia Sibanda

Degree of mutual intelligibility between Ndebele and Zulu

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 35 - 38


Original Research Articles

Muhammad Israr, M. M. Shafi, Nafees Ahmad, Sheraz Ali, Tahir Ali Shah and Noshad Khan

Students perspectives on agriculture extension curricula in agricultural universities of Pakistan

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 27 - 34


Minilek Kefale and K. P. M Chinnan

Employment growth and challenges in small and micro enterprises Woldiya, North East Amhara region, Ethiopia

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 21 - 26


Davood Manavipour

Iranian students’ moral development scale

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 15 - 20


Debora Buchaim Regos Zamorano

Critical political incident

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 11 - 14


Ayonghe Akonwi Nebasifu

Development-related activities of nongovernmental organizations in the northwest region of Cameroon: A case study of Association for Creativity and Teaching for rural Women and youths In Development (ACTWID)

[Abstract [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1 - 10