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  • Lorena Soares Monteiro, Francisco Suetônio Bastos Mota, Wildson Max Barbosa da Silva, David Araujo Borges

Emissions of gases through various types of materials used as cover layers of an experimental chamber filled with municipal solid wastes

[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 024 - 031


  • Dzekewong S Ndzeshala, Suh C E, Lifongo L L

Physicochemical and microbiological quality of Rumpi community water sources in rural south western Cameroon (Central Africa)

[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 017 - 023


  • Pratap Narain Singh, Anil Kumar Dwivedi and Chitterth Oonnoney Samuel

Plant species richness and community composition along the land–water interface in lacustrine wetland of Gorakhpur, India

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  • K.A. Adelasoye and L.O. Alamu

Accumulation of heavy metal pollutants in soil and vegetation and their effects on soil microbial population on roadsides in Ogbomoso, Nigeria

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Table of Content For 2015


  • Moseti Y. K., Moturi W.N. and Tsimbiri P.F.

Investigating the water supply situation in Naivasha municipality, Kenya

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  • Amukali O., Dr. Faajiir A. and TPL. Imaitor-Uku E. E.

Public participatory approach as an alternative conflict resolution strategy for environmental/resource-oriented conflicts in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 117 - 124


  • Oluremi N. Olaleye, and Abdul Hakeem B. Ogunbajo

Microbiological risk assessment of groundwater sources in Ikorodu- a peri-urban Lagos settlement

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 112 - 116


  • Ankita Khemka and Meenu Saraf

Phycoremediation of dairy wastewater coupled with biomass production using Leptolyngbya sp.

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 104 - 111


  • Ojoawo S.O. and Babatunde O.Y.

Application of IWM-1 modeling technique in solid wastes inventory analysis and impact assessment of Lagos state, Nigeria

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 092 - 103


  • Yassin M. Al-Sodany, Mohamed A. Fadl, Hussein F. Farrag and Tarek. Y. Saif

Effect of Dams on the vegetation of arid regions

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 071 - 091


  • Rosine E Tiodjio, Wilson Y Fantong, Kamtchueng B Tchakam, Gregory Tanyileke, Takeshi Ohba, Victor J Hell, Minoru Kusakabe, Shogo Nakamura and Akira Ueda

Bacteriological assessment of drinking water sources in the vicinities of Lakes Nyos and Monoun (Cameroon, Central Africa)

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF] pp. 060 - 070