Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources                                        ISSN 2277 0704

Vol. 4(4), pp. 125 - 131, December 2015                                                          2015 Wudpecker Journals


Investigating the water supply situation in Naivasha municipality, Kenya


Moseti Y. K.*1, Moturi W.N.2 and Tsimbiri P.F.3


1Department of Environmental Science, Egerton University, Kenya.
2Chairperson, Department of Environmental Science, Egerton University, Kenya.

3Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Egerton University, Kenya.


*Corresponding author E-mail:


Accepted 21 July 2015




Water supply is vital for human survival and good health. Water supply problems are a big challenge to many municipalities in Kenya and Africa as a whole. This study was a cross-sectional survey to establish the water supply situation among households living in the high, middle and low income areas. Data was collected on water access, alternative water sources, water quality, per capita water use and cost of water. Results showed that water demand outstripped supply and people resorted to using boreholes which had more reliable supply. The study showed that the respondents were able to access water as per the minimum required quantities postulated by the WHO guidelines. However, the middle and low income spend more than the stipulated proportions of their income on water. Water usage was significant depending on the number of household members and the amount of household activities that required water use per day. The achievement of the MDG goal of halving the proportion without access to safe water was hampered by challenges of urbanization and rapid population growth. More efforts were to be increased to mitigate the inequalities in water access, reduce incidences of water related diseases and have an overall improvement on health.


Key words: Water access, water demand, per capita water access, cost of water, Kenya.




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Moseti YK, Moturi WN, Tsimbiri PF (2015). Investigating the water supply situation in Naivasha municipality, Kenya.  J. Environ. Sci. Water Resourc. 4(5): 125-131.